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Global Sourcing

Global sourcing

LCC Network works closely with you to determine which suppliers and sources of low cost components and high quality product deliver the best solutions to your specific operational needs.

Our team works with Qualified Suppliers and has established business relationships in many countries - from Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe. LCC Network provides factory direct contacts, cost effective options and Certified Quality.

LCC Network has very strong capability in sourcing, developing, and importing parts made metal such as cast iron, ductile iron, alloy iron, carbon steel (castings and forgings), alloy steel, stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, and other non- ferrous metals. The production equipment utilized at our supplier partners includes:

  • For iron and ductile iron products - In addition to simple manual pouring process, we have jolt and squeezer molding, Disamatic automatic molding lines, Hunter molding lines, air impact molding lines, KW high pressure molding lines, no bake molding and lost foam molding.
  • For steel castings - we have silica sand molding, resin sand molding, investment molding and lost foam molding.
  • For steel forging - we have various die forging equipment.
  • For stainless steel - we have sand casting and investment casting methods.
  • For bronze parts - we have resin sand molding, shell sand molding, die-casting, and forging.
  • For aluminum - we have resin sand molding, permanent mold molding and die-casting.
  • Finished Assembly - Including Tractor Implements such as Backhoes and Front Loaders.

Our Suppliers are currently making parts or full assemblies for many tractor and construction companies.

We have a strong ability to machine all products. Our suppliers have all kinds of machine tools, CNC for precise machining and Welding capabilities.

All our suppliers have been through an "On site Audit" and most are or practice ISO 9001 standards for process controls
•Certified materials lab, On-site inspection reports, •Supplier approval process and audits, •Inventory stock levels to meet demands, •Audits of factories, Inspection - Dimensional and Material, •China, Mexico and India Logistics Centers.

To begin the process and to find out how much you can save, please send us a drawing to get a "no obligation quote".
LCC Network keeps all drawings confidential, we cover or remove all trade names or proprietary information.

Give us a call or email us for more information !

Ms. Linda Wang, Founder, Partner, Sales Agent

Mr. Rich Anderson, Founder, Partner, Sales Agent

Mr. Luis Silva, Founder, Partner, Sales Agent

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