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Supplier Selection

Supplier selection

At LCCNetwork, we have more than 20 years of experience working with suppliers in other countries. Because we have been working with these suppliers for many years, we are confident in providing Quality Parts and Components at Competitive prices.

But that is not all. We make 8-10 trips a year specifically to meet with suppliers, confirm or validate their capabilities and make sure they can meet your requirements.

Finding the right supplier in another country is a major task. It is also very expensive. Many fortune 500 companies spend hundreds of thousand of dollars finding the right supplier and sometimes it never pays off.

It takes time and money to develop supplier relationships but when these relationships work, it is worth it!

When we have a new project, we normally invite many suppliers to participate in the bidding process. Starting with a simple Request for Information (RFI) which allows us to eliminate less attractive suppliers. Then we submit an official Request for Quote (RFQ) which allows us to identify a few suppliers that will move to the next level.

The process from RFI to issuing a Purchase Order for Samples takes approximately 12 steps which culminates with a personal visit to the supplier along with an and Design or Manufacturing Engineer and Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE) who performs a full Quality Audit. If the Audit is approved then we issue a purchase order for samples and start the Part Qualification process which takes another 6 steps.

We would love to share more details with you. Contact us as soon as possible!

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