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Die Castings

Die castings

Die Casting Capabilities

LCCNetwork works with many suppliers who specialize in various types of Aluminum & cast alloys

  • SPC control to meet customer requirements
  • Complete turnkey assemblies - from design to assembled product
  • Computerized gating design
  • Full-time shot monitoring, closed loop systems
  • Vacuum assist for improved grain structure and reduction of porosity
  • Complete machining capabilities - CNC mill and turning centers
  • Specializing in meeting short or long run requirements

    Give us a call or email us for more informationTo begin the process and to find out how much you can save, please send us a drawing to get a "no obligation quote".
    LCCNetwork keeps all drawings confidential, we cover or remove all trade names or proprietary information.

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Give us a call or email us for more information

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