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Sand Castings

Sand Castings

LCC Network helps you source Castings, Cast Iron, Forgings, and other Metal Coomponents from Mexico, China, Korea and India.

Processes include:
Sand casting
Die casting
Permanent mold casting
Centrifugal casting
Investment casting

Cast materials include:
Ductile iron
Gray iron
Manganese steel
Mild steel
Stainless steel
Other ferrous and nonferrous materials

When sourcing from overseas, we carefully review the manufacturer's Quality Control systems and processes to make sure quality is consistent and delivery stays on track. Our alliance with overseas manufacturers in Mexico, China, Korea or India produces some of the world's lowest cost and highest quality steel parts, steel castings, ductile iron castings, cast iron, forgings, machined parts, metal components, investment castings, and weldments/fabrications. Our offshore sourcing can be for products "as cast" to customer specifications or, as finished products including heat treating, machining, or various finishing operations.

LCC Network helps you manage every aspect of Custom Transfers, Import documentation and shipping and logistics. This way, we make sure to provide reliable and consistent quality and delivery. Additional services such as finish, machining, painting, plating, radiographic examination and ultrasonic examination are available for production castings.

To begin the process and to find out how much you can save, please send us a drawing to get a "no obligation quote".
LCC Network keeps all drawings confidential, we cover or remove all trade names or proprietary information.

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